Spanish insurance protects society from natural hazards, whether they cause casualties or property damage. UNESPA, Agroseguro and the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros have designed ten fact sheets explaining how to file a claim in case of damage from rain, flood, wind, drought, frost, hail, snow, earthquake or tsunami, volcanic eruption or lightning. Spanish insurance can protect property, people, crops and woodland, as well as livestock from the whims of mother nature. 


UNESPA publishes an annual Spanish insurance corporate report, in which it explains what insurance does for society year after year. This publication is now known as the Estamos Seguros Report. You can access the latest edition of this publication (2020 data) via the following link. You can also download all previous editions of this book.




The aim of insurance as a business sector is to be part of the everyday life of people, companies and institutions. It comes into play when an unforeseen event takes place, and its goal is to ensure that everything is satisfactorily resolved as soon as possible.
The corporations that form part of UNESPA like to engage in everything we do. For this reason, the Spanish Association of Insurers conveys the industry’s position on the issues that involve the sector, as well as the subjects that shape the current situation of Spain. The positions taken by the Spanish insurance industry on certain issues of special relevance are summarised below. 



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