Insurance as an industry is based on data. It measures how often a problem occurs, the consequences of things that happen and who they affect and, therefore, a long list of variables. UNESPA periodically collects information about accidents and services provided by its associates. With this data, it produces reports that aim to convey to society as a whole the importance of insurance. This section groups together the work published by the Association of Spanish Insurers and other partner organisations..


Estamos Seguros Report. The Spanish insurance social report

UNESPA publishes an annual Spanish insurance corporate report, in which it explains what insurance does for society year after year. This publication is now known as the Estamos Seguros Report. You can access the latest edition of this publication (2018 data) via the following link. You can also download all previous editions of this book (2003-present).



The Spanish insurance white paper

This is the story of insurance for beginners. This document includes the principal numbers from the insurance industry, as well as a set of insurance-related experiences recounted in the first person by ordinary citizens, business people and public authority representatives. This book (which is available only in Spanish) has an educational remit and is part of Estamos Seguros – the awareness-raising initiative launched by the industry to publicise insurance among the general public.



List of informative publications on various aspects of insurance, prepared by UNESPA and partner organisations, and made available to the general public.

Estamos Seguros Report 2017

Estamos Seguros Report 2016